Norovirus Main Cause of Flu in Children

March 22, 2013

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The CDC has released new studies regarding children and the flu. Dr. Michael Omidi reviews these new and tragic findings.

In two separate reports the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have released findings regarding children and the flu. While they have identified that norovirus is typically at the root of the stomach flu and food poisoning they have also released findings that state that during the current flu season 105 children in the United States lost their lives.

Almost 1 million children under five were sent to the hospital or doctor during 2009 and 2010, a number that has surged in the last several years. It is estimated that roughly 1 in every 278 children will be hospitalized before the age of five due to infection by the norovirus. On a brighter note, the benefits of the U.S. rotavirus vaccination program seem to have been confirmed with less children becoming infected with rotavirus, which is also a cause of gastroentiritis. Researchers are currently hard at work developing an effective vaccine for norovirus.

Unfortunately and tragically, roughly 100 children die during the flu season in the United States and the most recent flu season was terribly no exception. 105 U.S. children died as a result contracting the flu, with 90% of those who passed having not received the vaccination.

Hopefully the importance of the flu vaccination for children will continue to be propagated so that we can give our children the healthcare that they deserve.

By Dr. Michael Omidi


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